November 30,
Break A Leg...
Is only a good-luck wish to performers. We train on dancing safe at any angle.
Dance To The Mood
Our Lyrical groups get into the deep end of the art of dance
Dance For All Ages
From 3 years to adult, dance at any age...
Dance Your Personality
Dance creates a solid base for any other type of performance you might try in the future.
Ballet Anyone?
The classic style endures to this day with dancers of all ages
They Start So Young..
When it is the most fun for them and the best time to begin training their bodies for a life of dance.
We Speak Hip Hop...
Still a very popular dance language. Learn it, live it, here.



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Welcome to Spiral Dance Co. Since 1994, we have helped dancers of all ages learn and enjoy a life of dance, in a supportive, professional environment.



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